I KNOW What to Do, I Just Don’t DO It.

Are you like me? Well, not JUST like me, but you know you do it. We all do it. 

You know. Great at doling out advice, just not so great at following it. I have a wealth of wisdom for anyone who has any problem of any kind whatsoever. I also have loads of awesome, smart friends with loads of really great advice for whatever ails ya.

Trouble is, I only sometimes follow any of it. I think it’s just laziness. Maybe it’s fear of success (yes, that’s a thing, people have it, they just don’t KNOW they have it). Check this guy out Fear Of Success. I tend to suffer from both. What an irrational bunch of nitwittery.

I should market my business more. I should take some classes to help me. I should stop eating gluten. I should take more supplements. I shouldn’t yell at my kids. I should discipline more. I should discipline less. I should organize my home more. I should make my property more manicured. I should volunteer more. I should stop wasting time. I should spend more time with my kids. I should cook better, healthier meals. I should get back in the gym. I should go to the chiropractor more. I should stay away from drama queens.  I should say no more often. I should clean my closets. I should do more with less (less stuff, less drama, less…..whatever). I should relax more (ok, that one I agree with). I should pray more. 

See? I know I should do all of these things. Life would be so grand. I give all kinds of advice to people, and I JUST KNOW IT”S RIGHT. Apparently, maybe it’s not. Or maybe it is, but dagnabbit, they just don’t see how inherently brilliant I am. 

Or maybe they’re just like me. Sometimes action is easier than THINKING about action. If you can’t see yourself doing it, you probably won’t.  So, I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop giving advice. If you ask me, I’ll let you know what I think, since you took all the trouble to ask. If you don’t do what I think, well, that’s ok too. I sometimes think people’s advice is cockamamie, and grin the goofy grin as I think, “Yea, right, Ill do that….never.” 


The “P” Word

So, you’re ready to do it. The big “P”. Reading ALL THE ARTICLES. Tried ALL THE WAYS. Cute toilet seats, Pullups, new undies with little pictures. Mother-in-law stories about how-she-did-it-when-your-hubby-was-one stuck in your head like a giant hourglass winding down to you-are-a-failure-because-your-child-is-almost-three.


Fuhgettaboutit. When you decide you’re ready….REALLY ready, as in “I want this over with” ready, just go cold turkey. Like teething, spit up, and night time waking, you will live through it, and this too, shall pass into the annals of baby history.

I’m going to share my method. First and foremost, don’t discuss it with your child. Your mind is made up. If they can disrobe and “sort of” dress themselves, they’re ready. 

Before you start, gather these things:
Some extra sheets, whether they fit or not, who cares. Old towels. 5 or 6 pairs of 5 ply training undies. Skip the characters, you don’t need anything else to argue about. Some cheap face cloths you can repurpose into cleaning rags. Plastic diaper covers. And some really big tee shirts than reach your toddler’s knees. A bag of M&M’s or whatever organic, gluten free, peanut free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free little candy things they like. 

Plan to stay home for a few days, it’s much easier. 

On day one, put the diapers away, like, far away. Hide them. Do not tell your child they’re potty training. The toilet is like a big scary beast that will swallow them. Or a toy to flush legos down. Just put the tee shirt ONLY on them, and say, “Time to go pee.” Put them on the BACK of the toilet seat, and place their hands on the seat so they can balance. Not on the front. It’s scary and wobbly there. Tell them to pee a couple times, do not discuss or argue. If they pee, give them an M&M, and say “Good job!”

Set your oven timer for 20 minutes and go about your day. Every 20 minutes, religiously, repeat the process with no additional conversation about it. Don’t hesitate or balk. They smell fear. 

At night, put the 5 ply, with a face cloth folded twice the long way, into it, like a maxi pad. Put the plastic cover on, leave the tee shirt on. No pants. None. Until they’re able to say they can pee and stay dry all day (sentence fragment alert!). Lay 2 towels under their sheet. Put them to bed, and get them up before you go to bed, or a couple hours after they go to bed, putting them on the toilet and saying, “Time to go pee” again. They may not be dry, but be patient. 

In the morning, wake them up a half hour before they normally get up and put them back on, new tee shirt.

Keep this up. Be diligent. Don’t reply or react to whining. If they freak, take them off. No need to torture them. Just put them on again in another 20 minutes.

Yes, they will have accidents. But your attitude leads the way. Give them a towel and help them clean it up with no reaction. They’re not being “bad”, they’re just toddlers, right? Make it as normal and routine thing as possible. Diapers and Pullups just prolong the process, so don’t fall prey to that. In a few days, they WILL pee in the toilet. They WILL poop on the toilet. The less of a big deal you make it, the less they will. 

Go momma!


Why Ignore Most of the World?

Just curious, I checked my last page of completed sales, and found that 7 out of the last 21 sales were to Australia or Canada.   I mean, I knew there were a lot of international sales, but 1/3 is a lot.  I LOVE my international customers. 

It’s a huge world, folks.  If you limit your sales to just the US, you’re seriously hampering yourself.  Yea, I know, your items are too big.  Last week I shipped an 18″, 3lb. 8oz. vintage plexi letter to Oz, it was her THIRD purchase of a letter.  Each time, she paid about $25 in shipping.  Mostly because the item wasn’t that expensive.  So basically she paid twice as much, just because she wanted it.  Don’t assume anything about what people want. Nothing says lovin’ like the perfect red “e” on baby’s wall. 

 Your product is worth what people are willing to pay to have it.  Repeat that to yourself.  It costs you nothing to add a couple of countries to your shipping options…except the price of bringing a similar item to the P.O. to have it weighed, and doing a little homework.   

So sales are slow?   Well, of course they are, you’re only selling to a tiny fraction of the planet!   Ok, so it took me months to get off my duff and do the work, but what a difference.  Not only is the business better, but I’ve made some really lovely friends all over the world.  My business is personal, I want to know them, so I can better help them.   So, increase your demographics, people are the same all over the world.  Moms, artists, really cool guys on motorcycles.  Same diff! 

How do you attract them?  A couple of ways.  One, tag “international”.  Two, give more shipping destinations. Yea, you might lose a few bucks here and there, but it’s worth it over the long haul.  Try Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Europe.  Three, list, relist, renew in their time zone.  If I renew items at 11-12 pm I am almost guaranteed by the next morning to have a sale to Oz, Canada’s west coast, or even California. 

Just do it!!! 

Breaking Free

I’m really gunning to get a shop off Etsy, so I’m going to give WordPress a shot.  I’m told it’s super simple, so at least I’m set up now!  I’ll be listing most of my KaBoogie items here, just as they are over there, so it’ll be just as simple. 

I finally finished “THE” custom pink “victorian” boots, nice, eh?  She loved them!  I was so worried for nothing.  I do that.  It’s my thing. 

I may add this new design to my repetoire.  Kind of fussy, and not real keen on buttons for babies, so maybe there’s a way…

In other news, last weekend was hunny’s birthday, but since he was gone, we kind of threw in some birthday fun here & there.  DInner out after Liv’s Demo Team gig, had the parents all down for awesome burgers & cake, dragged hubby to the gun shop for his first very own dual barrel 12 gauge.  Cannot wait to use it!

Soon we’ll have a slab poured for a small barn we’re building.  It’ll store bikes in the winter and the tractor and snow blower in the summer.   PLUS, I finally get my CHICKENS!!!  The last 3 ft on one end will be my coop!

Spring Fling is 2 weeks away, and we’re trying to go a bit easy on the mega decor this year, but as usual, it’s hard.  We love this, even though it kills us!  Weeks of making props, doo-dads and artwork, plue 3 straight 12-16 hr days setting up, hosting, tearing down is exhausting.  Have to take it easy this year so we don’t burn out!  For example of the insanity, here’s last year’s theme.


This year…well, you’ll have to wait to see…

>This ‘n That

>I have an addiction. I am a night owl. I love the quiet of the wee hours, the solitude, the funny noises of the coyotes, the dogs that bark at them, the rain on the roof when the house is silent. I love the late night visits by wandering sleepy ones who forget there is a bathroom upstairs or just…can’t…sleep. I get most of my creative impulses right about now.

So I have a custom order for these Victorian boots. They are so sweet. I have been battling with mock ups and getting increasingly frustrated. I am determined to get them right, so I put them down for a few days. Back at them tomorrow! Spring Fling is quickly approaching, so I need to clear the docket to give it the attention it deserves. But I will give my customer a lovely pair of these in pink first.

Liv has amazed me once again with another of her delectable projects, raspberry chocolate eclairs, for her grandmother’s birthday. I am so very proud of her energy, growing skill, and joy with which she attacks each and every recipe. She is not afraid to take risks, use her imagination, and just chuck it and do it again if it’s not right. I’ve seen such a growth in maturity in this, and I see it spill over into all she does. She may get frustrated, but she keeps at it, and produces yumminess that rivals even the seasoned pros. I wish her so much success in whatever she chooses, I just love her so much! I am looking forward to watching this process in each of my children, watching them find their way with maturity and confidence. They may change their direction as many times as I can imagine, but I will support them every step of the way!!

>From There to Here


I have a rule in my house. You can do any sport you want, as long as it’s karate. Yea, I can hear you all now…WOW, wacko! Kind of extreme, huh? Well, no. Not really. Here’s why.

I spent a year of my youth being bullied. I mean, picked out of the crowd, harassed, name called, and physically assaulted at one point. OH, you say, you’re fulfilling a lifelong vow to make sure your kids can beat up a bully. Well, no. Not really. But as my parents had no clue how to help me, and never alerted the school or the idiot’s parents, I was left to deal.

Fast forward 25 years. I’d since decided to homeschool, for a myriad of reasons. My firstborn, donning the shock of red hair sure to serve as a beacon for kids of the stupid and shallow variety, was enrolled at 4 in karate. Determined that he was never going to be left on his own to deal with whatever came at him, I would make sure he had the tools and confidence to handle himself in the face of any threat.

This was when I discovered something crucial which I will bring full circle soon.

I’d been bodybuilding and powerlifting for 7 or 8 years, and people seemed to assume that I could defend myself, and I had a confidence that I could at least do some damage. Anyone with legs as strong as mine surely was not going to let anyone hurt me without getting my licks in. It must’ve shown in my demeanor. Little guy syndrome, let’s call it. No one really knew if I could take care of myself, I just acted like I could.

But in my son, it was something different. He was not cocky like me, he was quietly confident. As he grew stronger, and I added myself and child #2 to the mix, who also grew in strength and skill, I realized that what karate gave us was far more important than the ability to turn the tables on the bad guy. It was more than the physical strength, and good health it gave us.

It made us bully proof. It took away the fear of “what if”. There is a confidence, a calm sense of well being you get when you’re not worried someone might push you down, grab you, hit you, call you a name, or try to intimidate you. I know this sounds harsh, but once you’ve been punched in the face, or kicked in the head, well, then you know what it feels like (my daughter pointed this out to me). Problem solved. Nothing in life will present you with a fear that you can’t handle it with the right set of skills. So I added child #3, 4 and 5, until #6 ages a bit (we’ve all started a new style together…”tang soo”!!).

Now to bring it full circle. Jay Sevron, radio talk show guy, was reacting to the MA bullying law. How it would “help”, whether it would help. Wanted to know our questions, thoughts. So of course, since I always have an opinion, I called, rather bemused about the whole thing. Imagine, a law banning bullying. How’s that law thing working on the murder problem?

I said, Jay, a law will not stop bullies. I said, every child in America should be given self defense lessons in grade school. Karate as gym class instead of wasting time with volleyball, or whatever they do these days. He pretty much scoffed at the idea, and this is where he departed from his usual ideals and totally threw me off of my mental balance beam. He said “Why should the onus be on the victim to DO something about it (paraphrased)?” To which I replied…if you take the victim away, there can be no bully (of course he talked over me and heard nothing I said). He has his preformed opinion. I went on to say, look, cops, laws, courts, can do nothing to prevent crime, and you know this. But give a kid CONFIDENCE, and bullies can’t scare or intimidate them. Again, he had me muted while he went on. An actual debate would have been nice. Imagine, kids in shape AND confident, for shame!

This blew my mind. Jay is not usually this much of a pansy. I mean, we are a Christian family. We do no harm. We love our neighbors, and treat everyone as a friend. But conversely, we will fear no man. THAT was the vow I took when I grew up. We have the ability NOT to fight. Because fear of all things is the enemy, and usually is your worst enemy. It’s not that the victim has to be the one to DO something, Jay, it’s that the victim won’t HAVE to do anything.

He didn’t get it. And that’s too bad. Someday I may begin a campaign to get self defense taught in all grade schools. In the mean time, perhaps you can bully proof your kids too!

>KaBoogie on Zibbet!

>I’ve decided to give another venue a go. Yea, yea, I’ve done this before. Like many Etsy sellers, I get that feeling like it may be a good fit, if I give it enough time, and put a good effort in at promoting it.

So I’m starting with my winter boots, and wholesale moccasins. There’s obviously a growing desire out there for quality handcrafted items, and although each major category is filled with lovely goods for all, when you feel you’ve found a niche, it’s best to get it right out there and be seen by as many potential customers as possible!

I read a plethora of wonderful articles daily on marketing your shop, riding the social networking wave, linking, linking, linking, and all I can think is, hey! I can do that! I’m diving into this with both feet, 2 arms and hopefully, my head screwed on straight, so when I saw Zibbet recently, it just appealed to me as a new and growing venue.

I’ll be listing winter items, mostly boots, there for a while, as the winter rush seems to be coming a bit early this year, so look for many new KaBoogie items there soon!

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